My name is Alessandra Feitosa and I have more than 15 years experience as a Designer and Art Director. During that time, I worked in several advertising agencies in Rio de Janeiro with a lot of clients of different segments having as highlight retail: Prezunic Supermarkets during nine years and, recently, the Costazul Multimarket.

Currently, I work as Creative Director in ECOM Agency. Besides the Costazul Multimarket campaigns,
I developed the new branding identity for the Gasparina and Duca Brewery and its newest release: a Czech Amber Lager beer PIVA.

In my spare time, my passion is to work on my homeoffice listening to my entire 80’s vinyl collection. 
At every job, whether at home or in the agency, I always try to learn a little more about the client, their desires and goals. What I most seek is to overcome expectations.

If you like my work, email me: feitosa.ale@gmail.com

My special thanks to my old friends and text reviewers Lilly and Lize. And to Rodrigo and Daniel, who helped me with my website and also made this beautiful video intro "MY COSY PLACE". Guys, you are the best! ;) 
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